5 Plants That Will Improve Your Sleep

Looking for natural ways to improve sleep? Plants are the best go-to! As a plant fanatic, I have about 30 plants in my room and I'm not even embarrassed because I sleep like a baby at night! I've compiled a list of 5 plants to keep in your bedroom for a great night's sleep. The best part is that they are all relatively easy to care for and will benefit you in so many ways!

1. Lavender

I love LOVE the smell of lavender! This is definitely an essential plant to have in your bedroom to induce sleep. Studies have shown that it slows down heart rate and calms anxiety levels. Not only that but it also decreases blood pressure, putting you in a deep sleep. In one study, researchers monitored the brain waves of subjects at night and found that those who sniffed lavender before bed had more deep sleep and felt more vigorous in the morning.

2. Snake Plant

A great way to induce sleep is to have a natural air purifier in your bedroom. At night, this plant emits oxygen while taking in carbon dioxide, thus producing clean air and improving a night's sleep! Who doesn't like breathing in fresh air?!

3. Spider Plant

Just like the snake plant, this is a great air purifier. In a study conducted by NASA, spider plants were found as the champions of air cleaning as they removed 95% of the toxic substance from a sealed Plexiglas chamber in 24 hours. Pretty impressive!

4. English Ivy

If you suffer from asthma or allergies, this is the plant to keep in your bedroom! With a little brother who used to have severe asthma, I know how difficult a good night's sleep can be. But there's hope! English ivy replenishes the air of allergens like mold, animal feces, etc., making it more comfortable to sleep.

5. Gardenia

This is certainly the most trickiest plant to care for on this list but the result is worth it! Their blossoms fill the room with amazing scents, improving the quality of your sleep (much like lavender). If you stay on top of maintenance, I highly recommend obtaining one of these.


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