DIY Macramé Plant Hanger

I recently discovered macramé art and have become obsessed. So I had to test my own creative skills and make a plant hanger! The one above is my first ever macramé creation! It may look like nothing to you but I feel pretty accomplished. Or, if you are looking at it and thinking, "there's no way I can make that", you definitely can! It took me about 5 minutes to make and was pretty simple. Here's what I did:


• Macramé or any type of cord you want to use (I used hemp cord)

• Scissors

• Measuring tape (optional)

• A plant


1. Cut 4 long pieces of cord -- I didn't measure mine but they were probably about 2.5 feet long.

2. Fold the cords in half and make an overhand knot. This will create a loop to go on a hook.

3. Divide the strands into 4 groups of 2 and tie every 2 strands together with an overhand knot.

4. Repeat this pattern 2 more times with about 3 inches of space between knots.

5. Once you've repeated the pattern 3 times, tie all the cords together with another overhand knot. I like to place the plant in the holder and see where the knot should go.

6. Trim off the extra cord.

That's all there is to it! If you're more experienced with macramé art then you can do different knots, like a square knot.

I would love to see your creations so tag me on Insta (@prickles_and_leaves)!


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