Finding The Right Greenhouse

Girl holding fig tree inside greenhouse.
Taken at Ashcombe Farm and Greenhouses

Finding the right greenhouse can be a struggle if you don't know what you're looking for. Often times it's best to not shop at places like Home Depot or Lowes because they have been known for not properly caring for their plants. So, if you're new to an area or have just recently gotten into plants, I have compiled a short list of things to look for in a greenhouse!

1. Look for a greenhouse that is family-owned

From personal experience, family-owned businesses and greenhouses are the way to go. Franchises, like Home Depot or Lowes, tend to neglect their plants because of a miscommunication between employees of who did what. For example, when shopping in Lowes, I asked an employee how often the plants were watered because they seem very over-watered and they weren't sure. When shopping at family-owned greenhouses, I have had much more positive experiences and the plants were well-kept.

2. Look for a greenhouse that is willing to expand

It's always nice to find a greenhouse that is willing to expand their plant inventory and sell a variety of products. Greenhouses that sell the same plants every season can be pretty boring. It also shows that they truly care for their customers when they accept their new ideas for new plants!

3. Look for a greenhouse with space and room to grow

Greenhouses with a lot of space are great because a lot of plants prefer to be a distance away from other plants for proper growth. For example, my Monstera deliciosa's leaves will curl to avoid coming in contact with other leaves. I have visited many greenhouses with distorted plants because they don't have enough space to grow full.

4. Look for a greenhouse that is clean

It's never a good idea to shop at greenhouses that aren't clean. This is because the risk of disease and unhealthy plants is much greater than greenhouses that are clean. There is nothing worse than purchasing a plant to later discover it has a disease or infestation.

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