Guide For House Flowers

Bouquet of flowers on a side table next to couch.

Just received flowers for a special occasion? No need to stress on keeping them healthy and alive! Quite a few people are unaware of the specific steps you have to take in order to keep them fresh so I've created a list of guidelines to follow:

Keep Them Looking Fresh!

• When you first receive your flowers, quickly take them out of the wrapping and cut off about 2 inches of the stems at an angle. This is a key step! Don't make the mistake of cutting them across the stem.

• Remove any dead or wilted leaves and stems.

• Place the plant food (the packet) in the vase and add water .

• Time to put the flowers in the vase!

Changing The Water

• Pay attention to the height of the water. Add more if needed.

• If the water becomes cloudy, change it out!

• When you change the water, cut the stems at an angle again.

Things To Keep In Mind

• Avoid placing your flowers by fruit! Fruits contain Ethylene which allows them to ripen. This gas can kill most flowers!

• Avoid placing your flowers by the window or near a draft. They could easily overheat or wilt due to changing temperatures.

• Most flowers live longer under cool conditions

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