How To Care For Air Plants

Air plants have definitely been a challenge for me but after some trial and error I think I've finally mastered it! It's so easy to overwater, underwater, and to give an inappropriate amount of light needed. So if you're on the struggle bus like I was, here are some tips to help:


Once a week spray: If your air plant is in a glass dome, take it out and place it on a dish. Then lightly spray it a few times so that the whole plant is given water. Keep it out of the dome for a few hours until the water has completely been soaked in or evaporated. If your air plant isn't in a dome, you can keep it on the rocks or display it's already on and spray.

Once a week bath: In either a bowl or the tub, immerse the entire plant in water for about 30 minutes. Afterwards, shake out the water from the plant and let it sit out for a few hours to let the water soak in or evaporate.

Make sure these watering days are evenly separated throughout the week and not directly after each other. For example, bathe on Saturday and spray on Tuesday.


Keep your air plant in indirect sunlight, never direct. Don't be afraid to keep your's outside if you want! If you do, just make sure it's in the shade. Keeping it in direct sunlight will dry out it's nutrients.


Sometimes the bottom leaves will dry out, this is completely normal! Just lightly tug them off. If you live in a dry location, try misting your plant more frequently to prevent more leaves from drying out.


• Air plants get all the nutrients and water from the air, hence their name.

• Air plants can attach themselves to trees, rocks, fences, etc. using a long cluster of roots from their base. They do not rely on their host for survival.

• When Tillandsias start to flower, the top most leaves change to a bright red color.


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