How To Fight & Prevent Mold!

Found some mold on the soil of your plants? No need to worry, it's a very easy fix! Often times it's the result of overwatering or consistent moisture in the soil. When watering, make the sure is moderately dry before adding more water. It's also SO important that the pots you use have drainage holes! If you're still finding mold, follow these steps to fight and prevent it:

1. Scrape off the layer of mold and throw it out. Don't just take off the top thin layer, make sure it's all gone.

2. Till the soil with either a fork or anything that gets the job done. If the mold was around the stems, be careful not to harm them.

3. Put a thin layer of cinnamon on the top of the soil to prevent further mold and infestation of insects.

4. Discard any dead/rotting leaves and stems, as they may be the cause of the fungal infection.

How to prevent mold:

• Only water when the soil is dry

• Provide more light

• Keep the soil and plant tidy by discarding dead leaves and stems

• Make sure there is good air circulation around the plant


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