Monstera Deliciosa 101

Growing Monstera Deliciosa Indoors

Monstera has become the most wanted houseplant of 2018 and 2019. It is a genus closely related to Philodendrons, originating from Mexico south to Panama. It's large, glossy leaves and impressive size are mainly why it's so popular as a house plant. The cool thing about this plant is that when the leaves mature, their edges become deeply cut and have elliptic holes in them!

Reasons to have one of your own!

• They're super easy to care for

• They can be grown large or small for any size apartment/home

• Their glossy leaves make for a unique decor


• Make sure there's enough space around your monstera. Because they grow wide and tall, they like to have plenty of room.

• Keep your monstera in bright, indirect light.

• Water when the soil is mostly dry. To determine whether it's dry stick you index finger in the soil. In the summer you may need to water weekly; however, in the winter you're watering schedule will vary.

Polish over the leaves twice a month with a damp cloth to unclog the pores and remove dust. This will also help keep the glossy appearance.


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