My Trip to Florida!

I know this isn't my typical blog post but as someone who doesn't get off campus much, I thought I'd share my fun trip to Florida with you guys! The last time I traveled there was about 8 years ago and I definitely didn't appreciate the plant life then. Coming from New Jersey, our typical houseplants are Florida's wild plants! For example, it was awesome to see Bird of Paradise and the Snake Plant grow so rapidly along the roads. Luckily, I was able to visit multiple locations, like Fort Myers, Sanibel, Disney Springs, and Naples.

Here are some picture I took while being there!

Wooden crate box containing Spanish moss hanging on the sides and a white orchid

Large tree with Spanish moss

Up-close picture of green lizard on a leaf

I have never seen so much Spanish moss in my life! Not gonna lie...I definitely brought some of it home with me. Why pay $15 for Spanish moss back in New Jersey when I can just grab it free in Florida?

If you're into seashell collecting, Sanibel is definitely the place to do that! People come from all over to take a look at the incredible seashells their beaches have to offer.

For more information on how to get involved or connected, visit Sanibel Island Shelling.

And because I love animals and couldn't get over how cute this little guy was, here's a picture :)

I hope you enjoyed this short post about my trip! If you ever have a chance to travel, I highly recommend Florida (regardless of their "man arrested for" jokes)!


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