Recycle Your Pots & Tags

Something I am guilty of, yet equally proud, is my endless pile of pots. To say I am a hoarder is really an understatement. I even have cracked pots that I convince myself I'll need. If you're in the same situation as me, perhaps it's time to recycle some! But what exactly can we recycle? Here's a list:

Plant Pots

If you get your plants from a local farm, check to see if they have a recycling spot! At Ashcombe Farm and Greenhouses, they have a recycling station near the entrance of the parking lot. You can place your old pots in the wooden container and take some if you need! I, being a poor college student, take full advantage of this which is why I have a surplus. If no one takes them, Ashcombe will either reuse selected ones or Chambersburg Waste Company will pick them up later to recycle.

Most plant pots are made from thin, flexible plastic that you can recycle! If you check the bottom of your pot and see that it says either PP #5 (polypropylene) or PS #6 (polystyrene), then you can recycle it (in most states). Always clean out the pots before recycling them because the dirt could contaminate other recycled items. When these items are up-cycled, they can be used to create other valuable objects so we don't want to devalue them by leaving them dirty!

Plant Tags

When we buy our plants, they almost always come with identification tags. Recycling these are a little more tricky so you might want to offer them back to your local greenhouse first. Doing so well help them save on printing and money! If you plan on recycling, first wash them with a gentle soap to get any excess dirt off. Since they are so small, you'll have to bunch them together with either a container or a plastic tie.

Have other items you might want to recycle? Comment below!

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