Snake Plant 101

I have recently become obsessed with large houseplants and this snake plant was one of the earlier additions to my apartment! As much as I love big, leafy plants, there is something unique about this plant so I had to get it. The awesome thing about snake plants is that they are one of the leading natural air purifiers! They are pretty easy to care for and are perfect for beginners!

Before Purchasing

When selecting the right snake plant to bring home, find one with the greenest leaves. Pale leaves can indicate poor health.


Use a well-draining soil to allow aeration for the roots. Snake plants are prone to root rot so it is important to use a well-mixed soil with perlite.


Snake plants are pretty drought tolerant and thrive on neglect. Make sure the soil is dry between waterings and be very careful not to over-water. Avoid getting the leaves wet when watering; I typically put the pot on a water filled plate and allow the roots and soil to take in the water.


Place your snake plant in medium light or indirect sunlight. If your window receives a lot of light, place the plant near the window instead of directly on the sill.

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