Spring Plant Trends

If you're looking to keep up with the trends of the season and want to liven up your home, check out these spring trends! I've compiled this list through research and observations on social media. If you are local to Mechanicsburg, you can purchase all of these at Ashcombe Farm and Greenhouses!

1. Air plants

Air plants have gone up on the list of favorites for many plant lovers. This is because the don't require soil, little water is needed, and can survive in indirect sunlight! They pull the nutrients from the humidity in the air and only need to be sprayed or "washed" once a week.

2. Ivy

If you're a macramé addict and love to make plant hangers, ivy is the plant for you! The beautiful vines drape down, creating a flowy look. These also survive in indirect light but require much more water than air plants. You can hang these inside your home or out on the porch!

3. Colorful succulents

When I say colorful I mean naturally colorful! Some stores paint their succulents to give the matte finished look with no blemishes but this is absurd to me. However, naturally colorful succulents are all the rage and make for a beautiful outdoor succulent garden!

4. Glass Terrariums

Nowadays people are obsessed with making their home aesthetic and cute. If that's you, glass terrariums are the perfect fit for your home! They are simple to make and are perfect for air plants, succulents, and cacti. I am definitely a fan of them!

5. Draping Plants

This trend is probably my favorite! Who doesn't love some beautiful draping plants in their home? String of Pearls and Pepperomia are two of the popular choices for plant hangers and shelves. They grow quick and create lush trails to flow down.

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